Aux Terroirs is much more than a distributor: we are the reference for all your high-end product requirements. Aux Terroirs offers the ideal one-stop shop solution to consolidate all your cheese and charcuterie purchases based on your actual needs:

  • Delivery
    Aux Terroirs can deliver your cheeses and charcuteries anywhere in the country. We deliver directly to your door following a weekly schedule.
  • Consulting Services
    Our consultants have a wealth of experience in the manufacturing, distributing and retailing of fine cheeses. We can help you select the products that suit your needs exactly, so that you will have the best product at the right time.
  • Choice of format
    Aux Terroirs will get you the product you want in the format best adapted to your needs. We offer grating and cutting services to provide cheeses by the wedge, quarter wheel or half wheel, as appropriate.
  • Training
    Aux Terroirs consultants are available to train your team based on your needs. We can train your team on various cheese selling and handling techniques. Aux Terroirs also provides updates on the fine cheese industry, its artisans, trends, new products, etc.